After School

Whitefriars After School Care

Whitefriars After-school provides an afternoon service to school going children aged between 4 to 12 years. During term times we offer a pick-up service from St. Brigids, Warrenmount, St. Enda’s and St. Francis Street CBS. The afternoon session is co-ordinated to include a variety of activities for all age groups. We have art’s and craft’s, messy play, baking, computer games and music activities as standard on all our weekly plans.

We also offer a homework group which is supervised by a qualified member of staff, where we encourage children to problem solve independently but if or when help is needed we can offer it in a supportive way. We limit homework to 30 minutes as interest wanes after this time and children would miss out on other important aspects of the session.

A hot lunch is served daily incorporating a variety of different foods from a 3 week rolling menu. Meal times are a social time where we discuss our plans for the day, share our news and have a general chat as we share the meal together. Children enjoy helping with the setting the table, serving each other and clearing up afterwords. Free play is an important part of our After-school sessions. We have a large selection of toys and games for children to play with and a variety of areas such as dress-up, home corner, construction area and soft area to relax after a structured day of school.

Mid-Terms And Holiday Clubs:

During mid-terms and holidays we open for full days and run camps. These camps include all the activities our After-school sessions provide (less the homework group-hooray). The other activities include outings, party days, cinema days, treasure hunts, trips to the park, obstacle courses and lots more. The camps are run by qualified childcare workers and are charged at very competitive rates.

Pick up from Local Schools Available

St Brigids, Warrenmount, St. Enda’s & Francis Street CBS


We will supervise all written homework at the club plus reading, timetables work to be carried out at home as it is important part of parent participation

Free play

After homework is done the children are free to play and relax in a safe, secure environment where they can be guided and encouraged to reach their full potential.

As well as taking care of their basic needs and ensuring that they are happy and settled, we will offer them a sense of continuity and encourage their independence.


Newmarket Hall, St Lukes Avenue,

Cork Street, Dublin 8.

Tel: 01 6165715 or Mobile: 0831565192


Opening Times: Mon-Fri 1.40pm-2.40pm to 6pm