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Helping your child develop and learn through fun and creativity.
Our Rooms

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Our Rooms

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We offer age-appropriate experiences so that every child can grow to their fullest potential in a happy caring environment.

Safe and Caring Environment

We aim to support children’s development by building good relationships with families, listening to the children’s needs, facilitating play, scaffolding a child’s development, documenting children’s learning, and providing an inclusive environment where the child is respected while striving to meet each individual child’s needs.

We provide a caring, warm, safe environment for children to enjoy developmentally appropriate education, and support all our children by creating an inclusive and supportive play environment that can naturally promote a child’s development socially, physically, emotionally, and cognitively under the care of highly trained professionals.
Things For Kids

Kids Activites

Play allows children to use their imagination, creativity to help develop their physical, cognitive, social, and emotional skills. It is important for healthy brain development. It is also how children explore the world at a young age.


Arts and crafts help instil a sense of achievement and pride in children. Giving children the opportunity to create whatever they choose helps develop their imagination.

Outdoor Play

It is important that children are given the opportunity to play and learn outdoors. This helps them develop socially and emotionally while also allowing them to explore the world around them. They learn to care for their environment and the importance of nature.

Physical Play

Getting active while playing games helps improve their problem-solving skills, memory, and reasoning. It encourages turn taking and sharing which are vital skills to learn in early years.

Role Play

This is an important part of a child’s development. Role play builds a child’s, confidence, social, emotional and communication skills. While also providing a fun game where they decide what happens.

Messy Play

Allows children to explore by using their senses. The use of sensory materials such as foam or water crates hands on, and self-centred play through discovery and experimentation.
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